Ep 01 We Are SHEcclesiology–Girls Talking Church

Episode 01 – The Pilot
Title: We Are SHEcclesiology–Girls Talking Church
Publish Date: Feb 03, 2022

I, Jayne Wilcox, along with Kim Hu, Jennifer Johnson, and Kris Anne Swartley kick off our pilot episode of SHEcclesiology–Girls Talking Church. In the pilot episode, we ask ourselves three questions that we hope lay a foundation for the show. First, we talk about what motivates us as leaders, pastors, and educators to use our voices and our realms of influence to make sure more women are participating in conversations about the church. You will hear what we mean when we say that “we love the church.” We’ll venture a little deeper, asking, What breaks our hearts about the church today? And we finish up with a reflection on what it means that we’ve done well by our listeners, welcoming you into the larger community of women that we know Loves the church along with us. Our hope is that you find a point of connection with us and our show.

Martin Luther King, Jr, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
Scott McKnight, The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited

Music Credits
Theme song from the rock band, Fanny: Play Like A Girl by June & Jean Millington (2011)
“Play Like A Girl” by June & Jean Millington is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License that can be found here, Creative Commons Legal Code.

From Free Music Archive (FMA): “June Millington and her sister Jean have been playing music since they were children strumming ukuleles in the Philippines. When they moved to the US in the ’60’s they turned in their acoustic guitars for electric and formed a succession of all-girl bands that eventually became Fanny, one of the first all- female rock bands to be signed to a major label… [June and Jean, along with Ann Hackler] found[ed] the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA). The Institute is a teaching, performing and recording facility dedicated to supporting women and girls in music and music–related business. Millington is the Artistic Director of IMA, which, as part of its mission, runs summer rock programs for girls and young women. June and Jean’s latest CD, Play Like a Girl is for the girls.” http://www.junemillington.com/bio.html

The Official Home for the Rock Band Fanny – Godmothers of Women Who Rock


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